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Welcome to Rachel Freebairn Fitness! 

Does heart disease run in your family? Maybe you’ve watched a grandparent, parent or another family member suffer from some form of cardiovascular disease and wondered what you can do to break that cycle. The good news is that research shows 80% of heart disease and stroke can be prevented! You just have to be willing to make yourself a priority and put in the work to change your life.

I want to help people because I know how difficult it can be to watch loved ones suffer through the same preventable disease while feeling overwhelmed with making healthy changes in my own life. I am passionate about fitness and nutrition because it’s the key to living a long healthy life. My mission is to help people reduce their risk of heart disease by painting hope that they have the power to take control of their own destiny and can “Break the Cycle”! 

Are you serious about taking back control and getting on track with your health and fitness? Join me today and let’s take charge of your life, one heart-healthy step at a time! 

How can I help YOU Break the Cycle? 



We’re all so busy these days and it can be hard to find balance. Whether you are managing a career, a family or BOTH.. if you’re anything like me, you try to cram 8 hours into a 1 hour window! I will work with you to determine where you need help with balancing and prioritizing your time to help you get on track towards a healthy life!


Not all exercise programs are “One Size Fits All”. I don’t want you to choose a fitness program just because everyone else is doing it. I can help you choose an exercise routine that works for YOU, based on: 1) your current fitness level 2) any existing injuries or limitations 3) activities you enjoy, and 4) your short-term & long-term goals!


Did you know that nutrition is 80% of the weight loss equation? You cannot out-train a bad diet. If you are working out and not seeing the results you’re looking for, it’s time to focus on what you’re eating! Whether you need help with portion control or simply need to learn what and how much to eat, we’ll work with you to nail down a meal plan.


If you’re like me and have a family history of heart disease, you know how scary it can be to know this might be your fate too! The good news is that research shows 80% of heart disease and stroke is preventable! If you’re feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start, I will share what I’ve learned so you can start on your own journey!

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